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Just a couple of things we would like to go over with you before you view your event.

1. All images have been reduced in size and quality for ease of viewing and load time.  If you see an image that looks kinda funny, has muted colors, or has noticeable pixelization, don’t be alarmed. That is only the way it looks because of the size reduction for the web.  All of our images are high quality and will be printed from the high resolution image.

2. You can order prints right from your gallery. Just click on your little shopping cart below the image to see size and price information. All orders are final and will be shipped right to your front door. If you have any problems with your prints please let us know and we will help resolve the situation.

3. One cool feature in your gallery is that you can see all color images in black & white or sepia. Just click on the little white or off white circle below the image to see the different views. If you are wanting to order a color image in black & white or sepia, you must click the little black & white or sepia button to change the image and then add it to your shopping basket. If the image is already black & white you don’t have to worry about it.

We think that’s it, so we will send you a link via email and we hope you enjoy your stay……